Welcome to Vision Support Social Ltd

  • Meeting the needs of young people.
    We provide outcome-based support that is person-centered and flexible to meet specific individual needs. Our approach allows us to deliver a range of structured activities depending on every individual’s support plan. We then match our staff with service users according to service users’ preferences and our staff skills mix.

    Our core mantra is to ensure that every young person will be able to fulfill their potential through our person-centered planning that ensures their vision and aspirations are met.

Some of the services we provide

Here at Vision Support Social, we aim to meet the needs of young people. Our services are designed to meet the needs of young people all year round (365 Days on a 24-hour basis). We can provide the following;

  • Homes that are welcoming, comfortable with a warm environment.
  • 24 Hour Support Service
  • Trained Support Staff
  • Outreach Support Services
  • Semi-Independent Placement Provision
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At VSS, we prefer our young to be fully informed about our service before they make their choice, and where needed a family member/advocate would also have access to this information. We aim to ensure a smooth transition and seamless admission into our services whilst minimising inconvenience and chances of anxiety to the young person.

Our Services

What we can provide

Emotional & behavioral support

VSS offers emotional and behavioral support through comprehensive support assessment and intervention. Through our team, we offer assessments, observations and informed recommendations with the help of our professional partners.

We endeavor to find the causes rather than the symptoms of our service user's challenging and extreme behavior.

All our programs ensure that our young people are well mentored in terms of career path and education as well as informed on Mental Health, Child Sexual Exploitation, Safeguarding issues amongst other awareness programs.

Preventing abuse is preferable than reacting to abuse

We believe that preventing abuse is preferable than reacting to abuse, and where it is practicable to do so people who use our services are supported in safeguarding themselves from abuse.

Suitable arrangements are in place to ensure that young people and service users at risk of abuse are made aware of their rights through being given appropriate information, advice and support that enables them to live a life free from neglect, physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

We make every effort to promote the wellbeing, security and safety of service users at risk of abuse consistent with their rights, mental capacity and personal choices.

As an organisation we embrace the notion that Safeguarding is everyone’s business and all people who work or come into contact with our service users have a duty to protect them from abuse and to report all incidents, concerns or suspicions of abuse or neglect.

Vision Support Social Ltd has developed and implemented a robust Safeguarding Policy to support all our staff in ensuring that the dignity, quality of life and safety of our young people are safeguarded.

Our staff receive training on safeguarding, as mandatory and are fully aware of this policy and support the arrangements in place for the reporting and management of abuse.

The policy is updated regularly to ensure that it continues to be fully compliant with prevailing legislation.

Education and Employment Ambitions

All our young people in our services will have the opportunity to be supported to pursue their education and employment ambitions.

We will also support young people to carry out other activities, social or otherwise of their own choice.

Where necessary we would conduct Risk Assessments to ensure that the activity does not create issues for their personal welfare. We recognise the importance of social inclusion, and to develop this we offer community trips, shopping, and day trips to places of their interest, where the young person wishes we offer evenings that are specially arranged for their community group.

Young people will be informed beforehand and an agreement would have to be in place for activities that would incur a cost. We would include a list of activities that we would plan together with the young people to optimise their skills as well as maximising the opportunity to gain new and exciting skills.

Your views are important to us

We believe that Service Users have a right to speak freely about how their house is organised, run and how services should be developed over time. In turn, we commit to the following strategies to support service users’ involvement:

• Monthly Service User Meetings;
• Targeted Service User Consultations
• Establish a Service User Involvement Police & Procedures;
• Person-centered Support Planning;
• Regular Reviews;
• Use of Time-Specific Target (Service planning)
• Annual Quality Assurance audits (questionnaires and surveys);

Meet the needs of young people

Our homes are designed with young people in mind and we would want nothing but for them to feel the welcoming, comfortable warm environment. We aim to ensure that the environment and culture we create give young people a sense of belonging and ownership of their individual accommodation needs.

Each young person would have their own allocated bedroom, whilst they share communal facilities. All other rooms in the house will be equipped and where necessary adapted to meet the needs of the young people sharing the house.

• Single/Double Bed • Wardrobe • Bed Side Cabinet • Key to your Room • Chest of Drawers • Soft Chair • Additional Lighting

• Cooker • Microwave • Fridge/Freezer • Toaster • Kettle & Utensils • Washing Machine • Dryer • Dish Washer • Dining room suite • Lounge suite • TV & accessories

Communal Areas
• Unlimited broadband • Ironing facilities • Well-resourced office • Shower/Wet rooms • Toilets • Disabled access


Staff vision support

After years working in the NHS and then a care home. By far this is the most rewarding career, Great management team who listens.


Resident vision support

Vision support social saved my life from living in an unknown world. I have my own space, new friends and a place I now call home.